Rehabilitate or Part Ways? Managing Your Client Base

Everyone has clients they love to work with and others that they either feel less motivated by or even bored or irritated with. It’s unfair to the client and to yourself to work with individuals or organisations that you really don’t want to work with and it will deplete your energy and creativity as well as your income. Sometimes the relationship can be improved and sometimes you just have to terminate a client relationship. In this podcast interview with CPA, I explore:

  • The Pereto Principle when discussing client relationship management
  • How business owners and managers identify the core problem with a client
  • Factors to consider when deciding to rehabilitate or part ways with a client
  • How to assess whether a client is worthy of being engaged by the practice
  • Key practical steps in implementing a client rehabilitation program
  • The skills you need when having a difficult conversation with a client
  • The importance of listening to your staff when deciding whether to rehabilitate or part ways with a client
  • Positive ways to terminate a client – techniques and practical steps
  • Non-negotiable behaviour criteria that managers and business owners can put into place at the start of a client relationship
  • How often business owners and managers should review their client base

Listen Below:

Here’s to having the important conversations and here’s to only working with individuals and organisations that inspire and which benefit from our skills and services.

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