Clare Mann - Psychologist, Author and Trainer - Half Day Communication Workshops

Skills for Conversations that Matter to Stay Free in an Unfree World.

Are you:

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, then you are not alone.
You can JOIN US IN ONE OF OUR LIVE WORKSHOPS where speaking your truth and aligning your values is championed, where freedom of thought and speech are prized and core communication skills refined so you engage others more effectively and become a more potent force for change.

By joining us on a Skills for Conversations that Matter Workshop, you will:

  • Understand why communication misunderstandings happen and how to overcome them.

  • Identify and challenge assumptions that stop you truly listening to others and which lead to conflict and resistance.

  • Develop the mindset and core foundational skills from which to have difficult conversations.

  • Feel more confident in speaking your truth which maintaining rapport and respect.

  • Understand what goes wrong in communication and how to fix it.

4.5 Hour In-person highly interactive workshop

Who is Clare Mann?

Clare is a psychologist, existential psychotherapist and author of numerous books and training programs. She has worked in over 20 countries, running training programs and speaking at conferences and festivals, and is skilled in identifying the myths that keep us trapped in attitudes, thoughts and behaviours that limit our potential to be our best.
She believes that the last few years have highlighted much of what is dysfunctional in our society and the individual change that must happen if we are to collectively contribute to creating a society to which we all wish to belong. She believes that each of us has the potential to contribute to creating the society we desire. Her programs focus on increasing one’s self-awareness and matching this with exquisite communication skills in order to collaborate effectively with others.   More details:

Books by Clare Mann

Clare teaches you the skills that make difficult conversations a breeze and explains the empathic listening techniques that are the foundation of effective communication. Hard Cover Book.

This book takes an in-depth look at the real reasons people resist change. Through the use of ‘myths,’ Clare takes the reader step-by-step through a practical understanding of existential psychology, empowering them to identify misplaced beliefs in their own life and to recognise these inbuilt restrictions in others’ lives.  Fifty self-reflection exercises to help you understand yourself better and how you can increase choice and mastery in your own life. In doing this, you are more prepared to understand other people’s blind spots and adjust your communication so others become more curious and open-minded about their choices and actions.

Human Resource Development provides the reader with commentary, activities and review sections in an integrated approach. The action-oriented approach is vital for practicing managers but increasingly for postgraduate and final year undergraduates who have work experience.  This text reflects organizational realities and balances and integrates the coverage of individuals, teams and organizational learning.The book is written in a straightforward manner and explains concepts and key issues in a lucid style.