Vystopia Breakthrough – Feedback Form

The journey to becoming a calmer, happier and hopeful vegan change-maker involves working through the trauma of vystopia and developing the confidence to speak out for animals and veganism. When this is matched with skills to enhance relationship-building, over time you can develop more confidence, expertise and influence when speaking about veganism. You will also improve the quality of all your relationships, with vegans and non-vegans.

Vystopia Breakthrough is delivered over 4 weeks although you can access the recordings of the online training and coaching calls when you wish. You also have life-time access to future live coaching calls whenever the program is run again.

I would like to ask you for some feedback on different aspects of the program. This will enable me to help you and others moving forward to become calmer, happier and more hopeful vegans.

This short feedback form will ask for some general feedback, then on each lesson and then on the course as a whole. After each section you are invited to add comments, suggestions and any specific requests for future assistance.

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The following sections comprise several questions on each Lesson. Tick the box that most closely matches your response. Some yes/no questions may also be asked. After each section, there is a box to add more details.

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