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Feeling undermined at work?

Do you ever feel undermined at work?

Maybe you find yourself in 1:1 conversations or in meetings and that rolling of the eyes, sarcasm in the voice or back-handed comment from someone triggers you to think, ‘They’re deliberately undermining me!’ What do you do? If you say there’re undermining you, they’re likely to deny it or say you are being too sensitive. If don’t raise it, you feel you’re not standing up for yourself, become tongue-tied or feel resentful and short-changed.

As an organisational psychologist, I believe the majority of communication challenges we all face within organisations – whether as leaders or in other roles – relate by the ‘dynamics’ within the exchange. We hear someone say something, yet their body language contradicts it and yet we don’t know how to point it out without it turning into conflict or denial.

Watch this video on ‘What to do when you feel undermined at work’ and learn how to confidently speak out on these issues without feeling anxious. After all, it’s our job to educate others how to treat us.

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Be The One They Remember At Networking Events

When I speak at or attend networking events, I see people struggling to engage meaningfully with others. Typical questions are asked like ‘What do you do?’ to which the standard reply is a 30 sec elevator pitch which doesn’t take the listener into account, nor does it get them saying ‘That’s interesting – tell me more!’ They’re then bewildered as to why the standard elevator pitch hasn’t hooked someone in and people aren’t hanging on their every word.

Engaging meaningfully with others requires so much more than sharing what you do or what you do for others. People make friends, do business with and remember people they like. So how do you really get people to like and want to talk to you? By adopting simple strategies, become memorable regardless of whether your service or product is what they want or what interests them.

WATCH this 4 min video on the hooks that make people eager to talk to you.

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