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Strategy Session

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Are we locking down for all the wrong reasons?

I recently had the pleasure of doing a keynote for the Certified Professional Accountants (CPA) Public Practice Conference in Australia. My talk was entitled, Engendering Hope in a Time of Chaos. It highlighted the importance of us having great communications skills—especially in times of upheaval and during discussion of highly emotionally-charged topics. Of course, upheaval and high levels […]

How do you cope when global fear goes viral?

Recent 2020 events are bringing the world to its knees. Mainstream media are ramping up the fear in confusing and often misleading reports, throwing us further into panic and two universal fears: Fear of Death + Fear of Uncertainty. If you’re to maintain your sanity, recover after the crisis is over and re-build what you’ve […]

7 Tips for Building a Great Team

Building a great team doesn’t happen overnight. Even successful teams can strike obstacles and a new employee can find it confronting to join a high-performing team, for fear they will not be accepted. This 2018 article by Nina Hendy of Certified Practising Accountants Magazine, In the Black provides seven great tips on how you can […]

Help People Thrive with Real Engagement

There’s a lot of rhetoric in the management literature about how to build a successful team, one that is creative, committed and which shares a community within which people can thrive and the business benefits. However, the reality is that teams don’t thrive at all. Is this because we are asking all the questions? In […]

Rehabilitate or Part Ways? Managing Your Client Base

Everyone has clients they love to work with and others that they either feel less motivated by or even bored or irritated with. It’s unfair to the client and to yourself to work with individuals or organisations that you really don’t want to work with and it will deplete your energy and creativity as well […]

Adults behaving like kids at christmas

How is it that people look so look forward to the holiday season and yet there is so much conflict, disappointment and family arguments around this time of year? Revertigo, the humorous name given to what psychologists call Associative Regression at this time of year explains why conflict happens and how you can avoid it. […]