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  • Overview


    Headed by Clare Mann, the Communicate31 team provides real and permanent solutions to the challenges that inhibit optimal performance in organisations and workplace environments. Whether you experience difficulties in your personal relationships or know your team or employees could be performing better, the quality of your communication must be improved to get different results.

    Communicate31 address your communication challenges at individual, group and overall organisational levels, and help you to develop a culture in which innovative and creative ideas are celebrated and optimum results achieved.

  • Training and Development

    Training and Development

    Communicate31 provides a range of solutions 
to address communication challenges faced by individuals and organisations. With both public and tailormade programs based on the eight pillars of communication, we offer individuals and teams the opportunity to develop specific skills needed to enhance individual and professional life.

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  • Communication Skills Webcasts

    Online Training

    Your results are directly proportional to the quality of your communication – with yourself and others. If you don’t have what you want, you must change your internal dialogue and together with exquisite skills, speak out with confidence.

    JOIN our next webinar and learn proven skills and techniques to communicate with impact.

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  • Organisational Consultancy

    In-house Training/Consultancy

    Build trust, team cohesiveness and performance improvements through consultancy interventions.

    Workshops, training and innovative management interventions to facilitate leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing human, business and global environment with creative solution-based strategies.

  • Communicate by Clare Mann

    Communicate Book

    Communicate is a unique and much needed book about how to have that difficult conversation. Clare Mann explains in simple language the games, dances and dynamics that occur within ourselves and other people that must be addressed if we are to make sense of our interactions. Clare teaches you the skills that make difficult conversations a breeze and explains the empathic listening techniques that are the foundation of effective communication.

    She shows you how to achieve the personal transformation that must take place within ourselves, and how to combine this with the skills that will help you navigate conversations to improve all your relationships. It is enriched by comments from over twenty leaders and senior executives across three continents whose expertise in communication and leadership has been shared with thousands of people around the globe.

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  • ehtical_futures2

    Ethical Futures Magazine

    The Ethical Futures magazine is a digital publication, introducing business and thought leaders who provide the tools, strategies and techniques to embrace ethical leadership in today’s organisations.

    Each issue features engaging interviews,
profiles, columns and articles exploring practical solutions to ethical issues in business and the workplace. Regular features examine how ethical conduct can become a brand differentiator and increase profitability – not at the expense of the environment, people or animals.

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