Help People Thrive with Real Engagement

There’s a lot of rhetoric in the management literature about how to build a successful team, one that is creative, committed and which shares a community within which people can thrive and the business benefits. However, the reality is that teams don’t thrive at all. Is this because we are asking all the questions? In this lively discussion between Psychologist Clare Mann and Clinical Psychotherapist, Social Ecologist and Executive Coach Tao de Haas, such questions are asked with suggestions of how a change in your mindset can benefit your team. They explore:

  • How managers can build an effective work team
  • Tao is not a fan of team building exercises
  • What does engagement really mean?
  • The fear of conflict
  • The importance of coaching and mentoring
  • Building trust with others

LISTEN below to this podcast from the CPA Website.

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