Ethical Futures Magazine

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High Profits for Good Business

A former VP of Citibank, Philip Wollen OAM, challenges leaders to examine external costs currently not considered in their balance sheets.

(Issue 6 – Ethical Futures Magazine)

Ethical Conduct as a Market Differentiator

There are three categories business executives tend to fall into regarding ethical conduct: the first where ethical conduct is fundamental to what an executive does; the second where ethical issues are only addressed when an individual is made aware of them; and the third where little value is placed on ethics. It is often difficult to convince executives in this last group of the real value of ethics in business.

(Issue 2 – Ethical Futures Magazine)

The New Triple Bottom Line

Award-winning scientist and environmentalist Dr David Suzuki challenges organisations to put the protection of air, water and soil firmly on the business agenda.

(Issue 2 – Ethical Futures)

Putting Humanity Back Into Business

New initiatives focusing on creating a community of values-based leaders who can collaborate and support each other in changing the face of workplaces to put the wellbeing of people front and centre.