The Communicate31 Accountability System provides you with the practical skills and support to become a exquisite communicator, whilst equipping you with the internal resources to handle the most challenging communication dilemmas. The individuals on the program are committed to creating a context in which they can develop their personal and professional abilities. Many run their own businesses, whilst others work in roles where they manage and lead others.

This program will develop your communication capacity in ways that directly develop your leadership ability – whether formally or informally as a thought leader. Over 16 months, you acquire the essential skills for communication mastery in all situations. These have been created through research and experience of psychologists, consultants and coaches working to enhance human potential worldwide. Eight pillars of communication have been identified to create lasting change in your behaviour and communication.

The COMMUNICATE31 ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM ensures you acquire and practice essential skills needed for personal and business mastery.

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Significantly increase your communication ability
  • Approach all conversations with ease and confidence
  • Influence others to willingly carry out their promises
  • Eliminate negative self-talk that inhibits you speaking with confidence and clarity
  • Transform anxiety into creative anticipation
  • Break unconscious cycles of self-sabotage that inhibit quality dialogue
  • Develop deep empathy to communicate and influence across diverse audiences.
  • Create quality relationships by diffusing conflict whilst being assertive
  • Develop communication abilities across diverse situations and audiences
  • Develop a self-reflective mindset to ensure superior understanding
  • Increase your performance, presence and impact

If you wish to become proficient in all areas of communication, you must invest the time and energy into proficiently and positively changing your behaviour – not just your mood. Skills training alone will not produce this permanent change.

What is required is an internal change so you:

  • Recognise any negative communication patterns
  • Understand why your buttons are pressed
  • Change the reactions that limit your success in all relationships

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The CAS program is for individuals seeking better results in their business and personal lives.
Due to the accelerated learning and accountability, there are pre-requisites for joining.

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