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Improving personal relationships and
workplace interactions through
communication mastery.

About Clare Mann

Clare Mann, Managing Director of Communicate31, is a renowned Psychologist, Bestselling Author and one of Australia’s key agents of change. Her expertise in communications and psychology has lead her to be one of the most sought after psychologists in Australia.

She has extensive international experience, facilitating individuals and organisations to create extraordinary results across many different areas. As one of the most sought after psychologists in Australia, Clare regularly speaks to large audiences and is regularly featured in the media.

Clare and her team work with individuals and teams to achieve better personal and business relationships.’

  • Personal Coaching Programs
  • Consultancy
  • In-house Training
  • Public Training Programs
  • Collaborative Leadership Programs

Training and Development

Public and Tailor-made Programs
based on the 8 Pillars of Exquisite Communication.

Communicate31 Team

Clare Mann
Managing Director, Psychologist and
Communications Trainer
Lead consultant

Brendan Norris
Technical Director

Mem Davis
Content & Copy Writer

Sara Kidd
Operations and Marketing Manager


Inspiring and engaging speaking and commentary in organisations, conferences, media, business and celebrity interviews.

5 Key Skills For Better Results

Communication Solutions for Personal and Business Success

This online training provides fresh insights and skills training for you to become an effective communicator, ensuring you are on the path to success and better personal and professional relationships.

It comprises 5 lessons, each with multiple videos, resources and questions. Topics include:

  • Barriers to Success.
  • Fail proof formula for understanding relationships.
  • Listening for better results.
  • Saying no and feeling ok about it.
  • Handling people who cause you conflict

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Recent Articles

Thought-provoking articles and videos providing communication solutions and commentary for personal and business transformation.
  • Testimonial
    Caitriona Reed, Co-founder , Manzanita Village Retreat and Five Changes Coaching and Consulting

    Clare Mann is one of those rare people who has developed the sensibilities of an entrepreneur, while continuing to draw from, and deepen, her vast range of expertise as a facilitator, teacher, psychologist, consultant, and coach.

  • Testimonial
    Ian Mann, Director, London Corporate Training

    Having collaborated with Clare over 16 years in several countries, I must say it is delight to work with someone who has such creativity, integrity and enthusiasm for making real change in people’s lives. Everyone that comes into contact with her teaching learns to look at things anew and as she ‘walks the talk’ of her conviction, she is truly an inspirational leader who can see a bigger vision for a better world.

  • Testimonial
    James Croll, HLB Mann Judd

    Clare presented a workshop that was absolutely invaluable and particularly relevant to issues that all businesses face. The end result was that all delegates took away solutions to crucial issues their businesses face.