Enabling communication to become your strength

In work or personal relationships, it’s frustrating when you can’t say what you think or feel. Relationships deteriorate, conflict results, teams don’t perform well and results suffer.

The Five Keys For Better Results will make communication your strength so even the most difficult conversations become a breeze.

14 Topics

Each lesson provides simple but powerful tools and techniques to dramatically improve the quality of your communication and relationships.

Interactive quizes

This online training provides insights and skills training for you to become an effective communicator, ensuring you are on the path to success and better personal and professional relationships.


With practice and application, you’ll get better results, since the quality of your results in every aspect of your life, is directly proportional to the quality of your communication.

Presented by Clare Mann, psychologist, best selling author and communications expert.

Perfect for

  • Managers, supervisors and team members.
  • Business owners and Entrepreneurs.
  • Organisations seeking cost effective staff training.
  • Anyone seeking to improve their communication mastery

Training Covers

Fail proof formula for understanding relationships

Uncover the games, dances and dynamics in relationships with this powerful formula based on Transactional Analysis to understand yourself and other people better.

Listening for better results.

Master the essential skills of effective listening so you understand your audience and modify your communication to increase engagement and results.

Barriers To Success

Develop the power of positive self-talk and mindset and put in place a powerful foundation to maximise your success and avoid unconscious barriers to goal achievement.

Saying no and feeling ok about it

Learn how to say no assertively and confidently whilst maintaining exquisite rapport with others. When clear boundaries are set whilst actively supporting others, you’ll feel less overwhelm and be able to focus on the tasks at hand.

Handling people who cause you conflict

Acquire proven skills to handle the most difficult conversations with ease. Learn to avoid conflict, instead celebrate diverse ideas and find win-win solutions with different viewpoints and ways of operating.

Learn proven tools and techniques to dramatically improve your communication.