Accountability System

Practical skills and support to become a Calm Communicator

  • Are you tired of conflict and failure in relationships?
  • Would you like to approach difficult conversations with ease?
  • Would you like to be heard – in personal and business relationships?

If you wish to become proficient in all areas of communication, you must invest the time and energy into proficiently and positively changing your behaviour – not just your mood. Skills training alone will not produce this permanent change.

What is required is an internal change so you:

  • Recognise any negative communication patterns
  • Understand why your buttons are pressed
  • Change the reactions that limit your success in all relationships

The Communicate31 Accountability System provides you with the practical skills and support to become a calm communicator, whilst equipping you with the internal resources to handle the most challenging communication dilemmas.

The individuals on the program are committed to creating a context in which they can develop their personal and professional abilities. Many run their own businesses, whilst others work in roles where they manage and lead others. This program will develop your communication capacity in ways that directly develop your leadership ability – whether formally or informally as a thought leader.

Over 12 months, you acquire the essential skills for communication mastery in all situations. These have been created through research and experience of psychologists, consultants and coaches working to enhance human potential worldwide. Eight pillars of communication have been identified to create lasting change in your behaviour and communication.

What does it include?

  • Coaching Sessions

    You begin by creating your CALM COMMUNICATION PROFILE in 1:1 sessions. You will identify your specific communication challenges and develop personal goals for the next twenty four months. You will then begin preparing for the first of your eight one day seminars which will take place at the Pullman Hotel (previously Marriott) in Sydney.

  • Seminars

    Approximately every 60 days you will attend a seminar at the Pullman Hotel in Sydney. Each seminar will focus on developing skills and expertise in one of the eight pillars of communication.

  • Webinars

    One hour webinars you on track between seminars and are an opportunity to re-connect with other delegates you meet in person on the seminar.

  • Video Conferencing

    State of the art video conferencing for meetings between workshops.

  • Books

    Hard back copy of Communicate
    Copy of “The Myths Of Life & The Choices We Have
    Workshop manual

The COMMUNICATE31 ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM ensures you acquire and practice essential skills needed for personal and business mastery.

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Significantly increase your communication ability
  • Approach all conversations with ease and confidence
  • Influence others to willingly carry out their promises
  • Eliminate negative self-talk that inhibits you speaking with confidence and clarity
  • Transform anxiety into creative anticipation
  • Break unconscious cycles of self-sabotage that inhibit quality dialogue
  • Develop deep empathy to communicate and influence across diverse audiences.
  • Create quality relationships by diffusing conflict whilst being assertive
  • Develop communication abilities across diverse situations and audiences
  • Develop a self-reflective mindset to ensure superior understanding
  • Increase your performance, presence and impact

Quarter by quarter, by participating in a structured process, bringing your issues and goals to the seminar, and spending a day focusing just on building your capability, your confidence grows tremendously.

With confidence to encounter even the most difficult communication challenges, you will have more energy, creativity and balance in your life, preparing you for leadership at every level of your professional development. You’ll find your personal relationships improve as you naturally use these skills 31 days a month in every situation.


The Communicate Accountability System helps you master and direct your self-talk to support the delivery and content of everything you say. You will learn to become a self-talk detective and ensure you create positive internal dialogue that empowers your communication content and delivery.


When you become proficient in transforming your emotional and intellectual states, you will increase your influence in every aspect of your life.

You will become confident in re-directing your energy to create win-win solutions for everyone involved. By mastering your ‘inner voice’ you become congruent in your communication, building trust and commitment from others.


When you break your hidden cycles of self-sabotage that inhibit quality dialogue, you will feel confident and empowered to handle difficult conversations that previously were avoided. You will learn to choose specific language and dialogue to support your message without unconsciously sabotaging your success.


Developing and practising sincere empathy across diverse audiences, skyrockets the quality of your communication. Your communication will become clear and concise and its delivery will facilitate greater trust and commitment in your intention and vision.


When you understand the transactional interplays that underpin all communication, you will gain immediate insight into your own and other people’s contribution to communication conflicts. You will be taught a sound methodology to analyse transactions and demystify the reasons for conflict and miscommunication. Understanding the interplay in one to one and group interactions, immediately empowers you to fine-tune the content and delivery of your communication.


You have to agree that gaining cooperation from others is not always easy. Generational differences, opportunity and competition mean people have much more choice than previously. Becoming a calm communicator means you communicate and lead with presence, gaining the willing cooperation from others who respond to a collaborative leadership style. When you strive to communicate calmly, you will increase other people’s trust in your message and take others with you to achieve superior outcomes.


How often have you avoided difficult or crucial conversations because the outcome resulted in impasse and conflict? However carefully you deliver difficult information, it can be challenging to maintain relationship harmony until you learn sophisticated skills where people feel valued and listened to during difficult dialogue. Building relationship collateral is an on-going activity and by becoming congruent in your communication, you will reap the benefits of others who trust that you will follow through on your promises.


What does it take to truly influence others to respond to your messages? It requires developing a mindset that is self-reflective, congruent, consistent and value-driven. Unlike many skills workshops that focus on mood change, this accountability workshop reinforces every aspect of intellectual, emotional and interactional influences to create lasting change in your communication. Then influencing others becomes easier and setbacks only temporary or providing input of what needs to be done. By mastering the mindset of the calm communicator, your personal as well and professional relationships will thrive.

Pullman Sydney Hyde Park


Each seminar is held at the Pullman Hotel in central Sydney. Located next to Hyde Park.

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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation / Refund Policy: This is a 12 month accountability system. We will do eveything in our power to ensure you stick with the system and achieve the outcomes outlined in the training objectives. Cancellation and refund in full of the CAS can be made prior to your commencement of the programme.

If cancellation is made up to seven days after completion of your first workshop, reimbursement will be made in full minus 1/8th of the original programme cost plus $500 fee for breaking the contact. No refund will be made for cancellation anytime after 7 days post attendance at your first workshop.

Delegates must make every effort to attend workshops at approx 60 day intervals. However, where attendance at a workshop is not possible, a delegate will be able to complete the missing workshop when it is next run. Delegates must advise our office in writing if they cannot attend any workshop they are considered to be attending, with no less than 7 day notice prior to commencement of it, or else a proportional fee equivalent to 1/8 of the CAS will be charged when the missing workshop is attended in the future.