Tailored in-house communications skills courses, public workshops and intensive long-term transformational programmes.


Inspiring and entertaining events providing a platform to convey a more serious message.


Books, webinars, business magazine and videos to enhance communication skills develoment.

Connect - Communicate - Collaborate


A range of books in print and digital form including communication skills and the personal transformation required to become Calm Communicators to textbooks outlining strategic human resource initiatives and professional training.


We regularly run online training webinars and video conferences for communications skills training.


Ethical Futures is a bi-monthly digital publication showcasing business and thought leaders who provide the tools, strategies and techniques to embrace ethical leadership in today’s organisations.


Communicate31 provides a range of solutions to address communication challenges faced by individuals or organisations. With both general and tailormade programs based on the eight pillars of communication, it offers you the opportunity to develop the specific skills you need to enhance your individual and professional life.


Organisations are always looking for ways to innovate and increase productivity from their staff. A keynote address is an ideal way to inspire and motivate your workforce quickly and cost effectively.


Communicate31 provides real and permanent solutions to the challenges that inhibit optimal performance in organisations. Tailor-made interventions address your communication challenges at individual, group and organisational levels.

available for iOS and Android devices

Ethical Futures Digital Magazine

Organisations face unprecedented challenges to their leadership operations. The rate of change, workforce generational differences and technology, combined with consumer awareness, means more than ever that business leaders must re-examine their practices and be fully appraised of the effect of their leadership style.
Each issue features engaging interviews, profiles, columns and articles exploring practical solutions to ethical issues in the workplace.
Ethical Futures (formerly Animal Effect) is a quarterly publication, introducing business and thought leaders who provide the tools, strategies and techniques to embrace ethical leadership in today’s organisations. Essential reading for senior executives in large corporations as well as small-to-medium businesses.

Issue 5

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